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Bilingual & Soutien Class enrolment information
Enrolment criteria

In order to join Les Petits Ecoliers, your child must

  1. have a French-speaking parent, be exposed to French daily, or have lived in a French-speaking country enough time to be able to understand and speak French (see information on the entrance test below);

  2. be at least 3 years old at the start of term in which they start at Les Petits Ecoliers.

Entrance test

To assess the child's abilities in the French language, we organise an entry test. The test is adapted to the age of the child and lasts about 20-30 minutes. For younger children, it might involve a simple listening task (e.g. matching pictures to what they hear) or a simple oral task (e.g. describing where they went on holiday). For older children, it might also involve a writing task. 

This test allows us to decide if the child has the level required to join Les Petits Ecoliers, to place them in the right class and to better understand the use of French within the family.

Enrolment process
  1. Please complete the Enrolment Form (by clicking on the button below).  

  2. Please also pay the administration fee of £20.
    The administration charge is non-refundable, even if the child's ability in French is not sufficient to j
    oin the school, and is additional to the school fees. Payment details are on the enrolment form.

  3. Once both the form and payment have been received, we will then contact you with available dates for the entry test. We usually organise 2 dates each term. 

Click here to read our Parent School Agreement and Privacy notice.

Adult Class enrolment information

Our adult classes are quite small and generally made up of parents of our young students. We try to tailor the classes to suit the needs of the adults who are interested in joining. This means that the levels of each class are quite fluid and can change year on year. Even if you are not certain that the current class times / levels quite match your needs, please still register your interest. You are able to try a class before committing and we may also find a way to make the classes work for you.

Click here to read our Parent School Agreement and Privacy notice.

Our Fees

Our fees are based on 32 lessons per year.

Fees per term 2023/2024:

1 child:        £160

2 children:   £303

3 children:   £439

Adult:          £160

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