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We offer different programmes to suit the needs of our students

Our classes are small in size to maintain the high quality of our lessons

Lessons for children from bilingual families who have a very good understanding of French through regular day-to-day contact with the language

"Soutien" lessons for children with some regular exposure to but not-quite-bilingual French


Lessons for adults wanting to learn or improve their French language skills

Classes for children

Bilingual Section

Bilingual children living in an English environment often have a good understanding of the French language but need encouragement in order to speak fluently and to learn to read and write. Our aim is to help these children develop their oral, reading and writing skills.


Our classes follow the French curriculum for primary school children and employ methods developed specially for bilingual children, whose linguistic needs are different to those learning French as a foreign language.

  • Maternelle Petite Section (Pre-School and Nursery)

  • Maternelle Moyenne Section (Reception)

  • Maternelle Grande Section (Year 1)

  • CP (Year 2)

  • CE1/CE2 (Years 3-5)

  • CM1/CM2 (Years 6-7)

At secondary school level, the program covers the requirements of the DELF (B1 and B2) as well as the GCSE curriculum. DELF B2 is the French language level required to enter a French university. French culture, literature and history are introduced as often as possible in our lessons.

  • College 1: 1st year DELF B1 & GCSE (Years 8-9)

  • College 2: 2nd year DELF B1 & GCSE (Years 9-10)

  • College 3: DELF B2 (Years 10-11)

Raising Hands

Classes for children

"Soutien" section

We offer classes for children who have some regular exposure to French but whose level is not quite strong enough to join the Bilingual Section. This could be because French is their third language, or they may be from a fully English-speaking family but had previously lived in a French-speaking country, or the French-speaking parent is not present on a daily basis.

The Soutien classes focus on strengthening the students vocabulary and spoken French. Some of the students are able to join the Bilingual Section in time.

Classes for adults

Post-Beginner Level

Intermediate Level

We offer classes for adults: currently these are "Post-beginner" and "Intermediate" levels.

The majority of our adult students are actually (but not exclusively) parents of bilingual children so although we have many beginners, most of these have had some exposure to the language already. The classes are fun and held in a relaxed atmosphere.

Learning is focused on oral expression and vocabulary enrichment: adults are encouraged to ask questions and express their opinions, as well as participate in role-plays. Grammar basics are covered to support the oral learning.

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