Bienvenue aux Petits Ecoliers

Les Petits Ecoliers is a French Saturday school based in St Albans (Hertfordshire). It specialises in teaching French to 3-15 year old children from bilingual families (where at least one parent speaks French fluently) and to adults wanting to learn French.

Our teachers are all native French speakers with experience in teaching young children, and some of them are French teachers in schools around St Albans! We all share the same passion for teaching children and we make every effort to create dynamic and interactive lessons that make learning French interesting and fun.

We offer different programmes:

Next school year - September 2022: If you would like to enrol your child to Les Petits Ecoliers from September 2022, please note that we will be running Entry Tests the weeks commencing 4 and 11 July. The Entry Tests help us to assess the child's level and identify the appropriate class for them. Please contact us for a enrolment form to return before the beginning of July. 

Network FLAM (Français LAngue Maternelle)

Les Petits Ecoliers is part of the FLAM network, which is recognised by the AEFE (Association de l'Enseignement du Français à l'Etranger). The objective of this network is to encourage the development and learning of French as the mother tongue. It organises training to teachers and holds conferences twice a year with other FLAM schools to share ideas and resources.


We are looking for French speaking teachers and assistants from September 2022:

  • French teacher: Ideally a person with teaching experience; we are also interested in individuals who are currently studying/training to become a teacher or with experience working with children.
  • Assistant: A enthusiastic student or parent who enjoys working with children.



Contact Us

If you would like more information please email us at:

By phone: 07866 385 732 Christelle

You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter

Baby and Toddler group

If your child is too young for Les Petits Ecoliers, they can join the playground Les Ptizamis. Les Ptizamis is ran independently to Les Petits Ecoliers, please contact them directly for further information at (website).