About us

We are 3 working mums who took over the management of the school in April 2012. We are very enthusiastic about having the opportunity to run the school and make it a success for both the parents and the children.

As mums of bilingual children attending the school, we saw firsthand how our children benefited from the teaching. We believe the school is important in helping and encouraging our children to speak French and learn about its rich culture and history.

The school has attracted bilingual families from all around Hertfordshire and we have grown to accommodate approximately 200 bilingual children in 2018. We also offer classes to non-French-speaking parents.

We are always open to new initiatives, so if you have ideas or comments on what we can do to improve our offering, please get in touch!

Who we are


I am from a village near La Rochelle. I have extensive experience as a French teacher and have worked in both the USA and the UK. I'm married with two children. I currently work as a French teacher at St Albans High School for Girls where I am the languages co-ordinator.



I am French and American and grew up in France and the UK. I was brought up in a bilingual environment and educated at the International Lycée of St Germain en Laye near Paris. Because of this experience, it is important to me to provide the same opportunity for my two boys. I returned to the UK in 1997 and am currently working as an Actuary (I analyse financial risk for pension funds).



I'm from Castres in South West France. I have both French and Swiss nationalities. I studied in Manchester for one year through a European university exchange programme before moving to London and finally to St Albans. I'm married with two children. I work as a global mobility manager (I advise my company on all things relating to employees' expatriation).